Our Family

Our family.

Cory Hughes

Proprietor & Executive Chef

Cory Hughes has been delighting the Pittsburgh region’s dining public for nearly two decades. Award-winning and celebrated, his culinary passion and skill have graced the tables of Cafe at the Frick, Spoon, Eleven, Six Penn, and most recently, the Chef at Google. Chef Cory had the honor of being the Steelers Training Camp chef for the past two seasons and the chef at Farmaid for the past two years as well. Cory, a Le Cordon Bleu graduate, views owning Fig & Ash as, “the culmination of every chef’s dream—start with great ingredients, make it with love, and share that love with your guests. I just want to thrill guests, play with fire, and not have a boss.”

Alex Feltovich

Proprietor & General Manager

Alex has a multifaceted background. In the 17 years he spent at St. Clair Country Club, he developed a passion for service and maintaining enduring relationships. After his tenure at St. Clair, he moved west to Colorado and finally settled in Oregon. This is where he gained a great appreciation and passion for sustainability through producing organic plants and proteins while living and working on a hog farm. Alex decided to move back to Pittsburgh to be with his family with hopes to open a neighborhood wood fire pizza shop in the North Side of Pittsburgh. That mustard seed of an idea has evolved into the collaboration of Fig & Ash with his brother-in-law Cory Hughes. Since he has been back in Pittsburgh, Alex has worked various front-of-the-house positions at Six Penn Kitchen, Spork, and Cioppino.

Nikko Whiten

Bar Manager & Libations Monger

Nikko started his restaurant career as a food runner and quickly fell in love with the industry. After becoming a bartender at Six Penn Kitchen, and working there for several years until it closed its doors, he knew there was a passion. Fine tuning his craft at Scratch Food and Beverage and or, The Whale over the past year and a half, Nikko is excited to craft delightful drinks to pair with Chef Cory’s cuisine.

Chis Shuplock

Sous Chef


Monday to Thursday from 5 to 10 p.m.
Friday and Saturday from 5 to 11 p.m.
Bar open daily at 4 p.m. except Sunday


514 East Ohio Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212
Located in Deutschtown